SDG Radar initiative - initiatives en cours sur les objectifs de développement durable

The perception change project is pleased to share the latest SDG Radar, a snapshot of ongoing SDG initiatives with a link to International Geneva.
This is 2nd SDG Radar Bulletin and its content is based mainly on what was presented at the PCP Lab: SDG Radar on 1 September. Thanks to all those who came for actively participating at the Lab and contributing to keep all those important initiatives and events on our collective Radar!
We'll share the bulletin at UNOG in print and digitally on our website as well as from @GenevaImpact; feel free to share further with your colleagues etc. We're working to improve the information collection/sharing by making the SDG Radar digital so you could easily contribute your content even from distance.

What's next?
We'll share information about  the impact infographics in follow up to the Lab on last Thursday 15 September in our next e-mail along with a link to Trello board dedicated to an exchange of ideas on the upcoming topics - stay tuned!